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Writers find inspiration everywhere around them. One of my biggest inspirations comes from Manga and Anime, so here is where I will review and talk about a few of my favorites.

*All rights revert to the mangaka, authors, actors, and publishers. I am not paid to do these reviews. This is just for fun for others to learn about some great manga.

Beast Master by Motomi Kyousuke 

Status: Completed
Total Chapters: 7.1
Genre: Shoujo, Slice of Life, Supernatural, Romance, Action, Comedy

This is one of the few manga I actually own because there are only two volumes and because it's absolutely adorable. There are a few one-shots within the series, but the main story focuses on Yuiko and her budding relationship with Leo, a wild boy who used to run wild with animals before he came to live in Japan. He's super in tune with nature, loves animals, and is very...well..."beast"-like, hence the name.

While everyone else seems to be afraid of Leo, Yuiko recognizes a friend in Leo and the two of them become close friends who learn about nature, themselves, and how to care for what is truly important in life. Do they end up together? You have to read it to find out!

The art is very pretty, although a little rough at times. The storyline is pretty solid, but definitely a Shoujo manga, which means mostly girls will enjoy this.

Star Rating: **** out of 5.

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